The Profitable Membership Summit

September 21-24, 2021

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Create sustainable revenue in 2021 with a membership program aligned with your best clients & zone of genius..

[About The Summit]

Is it time you took the leap?

As a coach, consultant or seasoned professional, taking the leap from one-on-one work or small groups to a more scalable program can feel risky, especially when you want a program that operates year round.

Thoughts like ...

What if I offer too much and it’s not sustainable?

How many people does it require to be successful?

How do I keep my community engaged? 

What if people don’t want to stay in the group very long? 

… can cause you to put off growing your cozy membership or even start it in the first place.

  • Design a program to bring reliable recurring revenue into your business
  • Create a plan to scale your biz without burning out!
  • Be inspired to launch your minimum viable membership model
  • Stay confident & focused in your core value & ditch what’s not important
  • Gain new ideas to breathe life into your existing program
  • Find systems to help you take the foot off the gas & enjoy what you’ve created
3 Main Tracks To Help You

Bring Your Membership Model to Reality


  • Develop the model designed around your revenue goals
  • Determine the structure of the program to suit your zone of genius
  • How to pick the right pricing for the program
  • The role of community in your membership site
  • How to niche down to create a powerful position


  • How to launch a membership site
  • How to build social excitement with minimum effort
  • How to create systems for smooth delivery
  • How to develop content that grows your visibilty
  • How to build a stand-out brand that can scale
  • Onboarding essentials


  • Retention: How to keep members happy
  • Leveling up your leadership mindset
  • The role of your membership within your business
  • How to design a community that thrives
  • The are of selling authentically (to grow beyond your initial network)

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[Why Attend This Summit]

Running membership sites doesn’t have to be overwhelming or unsustainable.

Inside the Profitable Membership Summit you’ll learn there are many different ways to offer big results for your members, while staying in your zone of genius. You can design a program around how you serve your clients best … and how they want to learn.

There are no one-size-fits-all models;  just proper planning to create a program you’ll love to run, strong systems to keep it operating smoothly and growth initiatives that make it profitable long-term.

We’ll be sharing the strategies and tactics used by online coaches, consultants and educators to plan, launch and grow memberships that have allowed them to scale without burning out (and what they’ve had to change to get out of burn out).

Who this is for:
  • Coaches & consultants who’ve been working successfully with clients one-on-one and are ready for a scalable program
  • Impact-driven professionals & experts in their field who want to reach a broader audience with their skills & message
  • Business owners who want to show up and serve their clients consistently and benefit from the income that comes from this commitment
  • Service-based entrepreneurs who aren’t searching for instant passive income or becoming an overnight sensation & truly love their work

Meet Your Summit Host: Lisa Princic

Business Strategist at

Lisa helps impact-driven business owners dive deep into their unique value and business models to build sustainable & profitable brands. She helps them simplify their offers, increase their visibility with bolder messaging, strengthen and deepen their marketing systems.

She is a trained business strategist and the host of the Scaling Deep Podcast. Lisa is a results-oriented, deep thinker who has a knack for “seeing” the value of each business and turning that into a pipeline ideal clients.

A staunch believer in business simplicity and intention, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

Who's Speaking?

Sara Alepin
Sara Alepin
How to Curate Community to Build Your Business with Ease
Lee headshot - on stairs (1)
Lee Chaix McDonough
Onboarding: Focusing on the “One” within the One to Many Model
Nikki Rausch
Nikki Rausch
Mastering Sales Conversations for Memberships
Audra Lindsey, Senior Community Strategist - Mighty Networks
Audra Lindsey - Mighty Networks
Why Build a Community Now
Allie Bjerk
Developing a Growth Mindset for Building a Scalable Model
Sharvette Mitchell
Sharvette Mitchell
Six Keys to Generating Visibility for your Membership Programs
Ashley Monk
Ashley Monk
How to Launch and Scale a Profitable Membership
Andréa Jones - Social Media Strategist
Andréa Jones
The Money Making Framework for Using Social Media to Grow your Membership
Elayne Fluker
Elayne Fluker
Finding Your Niche to Attract the Right Members to Your Brand
Brandi Mowles
Brandi Mowles
Deciding the Role of Your Membership within Your Business Model
Hannah Shamji
Hannah Shamji
Keep your members happy: A Calibrated Approach to Member Retention
Mel Richards
The Anatomy of a Successful & High Converting Membership Sales Page
Jordan Gill
Jordan Gill
The 3 Overlooked Systems You Must Have for a Successful Membership
Lisa Princic
Top Strategies for Designing Your Ideal Membership Program
Jacquette M. Timmons
How to Price Your Membership to Reach Your Wealth Goals

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