Summit Schedule

Monday, September 20

Welcome Party Kickoff

Summit Kick-off Party on Zoom - Celebration & Networking

2pm pacific/5pm eastern

Day 1 - Tuesday, September 21


"How to Choose Sustainable Pricing for your Monthly Membership"

Lisa Princic - Membership Strategist + Summit Host

8:30am pacific/11:30am eastern

DD Headshot - Desola Davis

"How to Hit Your Sales Goals by Designing Transformational Customer Journeys"

Desola Davis - Customer Journey Designer

9:30am pacific/12:30pm eastern

Lee headshot - on stairs (1)

"Co-creating Transformational & Evolving Results with Your Founding Members"

Lee Chaix McDonough - Certified Coach Trainer

10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern


"Finding Your Niche to Attract the Right Members to Your Tribe"

Jackie Clarke - Creative Brand Strategist

11:30am pacific/2:30pm eastern

Christine Fiske

"Developing a Growth Mindset for Building a Scalable Model"

Christine Fiske - Business & Leadership Coach

12:30pm pacific/3:30pm eastern

Intentional Networking Social

Session Host: Lisa Princic

1:30pm pacific/4:30pm eastern

(VIP Passholders Only)

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 22

Summit Live call

"How to Build a Membership in the Most Unlikely Industry" Roundtable Event

Kelley Carlstrom, Anisah Mohamed & Vicki Walls

8:30am pacific/11:30am eastern


"Start Small - How to Diversify, Avoid Burnout and Reach a Wider Audience with a Membership"

Mallika Malhotra - Brand Strategist

9:30am pacific/12:30pm eastern


"Simple SEO - Build Your Authority by Showing Up on Your Site with Your Voice, Your Mission & Your Authenticity"

Megan Clarke - SEO Strategist

10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern

TaVona Denise

"The S.I.M.P.L.E. Way to Max Out Your Membership Launch"

TaVona Denise Boggs - Launch Strategist for Coaches

11:30am pacific/2:30pm eastern


"How to Decide on Whether to Have Open or Closed Enrollment"

Kim DeGracia - Launch Copywriter

12:30pm pacific/3:30pm eastern

Abby Herman

"How to Ask Your Audience: Delivering What your Members Need and Want"

Abby Herman - Content Strategy Coach

1:30pm pacific/4:30pm eastern

Day 3 - Thursday, September 23

Megan Taylor

"How to Attract Ideal Members with Compelling, Connection-driven Copy"

Megan Taylor - Copywriter

8:30am pacific/11:30am eastern

Sandra_De Freitas

"Your Guide to Using Free Facebook Groups to Feed your Paid Memberships"

Sandra De Freitas - Business Launch Coach

9:30am pacific/12:30pm eastern

Carolyn O'Brien

"Growing Your Membership with Metrics Even if you Hate Math, Numbers & Spreadsheets"

Carolyn O'Brien - Metrics Strategist

10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern


"How to Fill Your Membership with an Effective FB Ads Funnel"

Roxanne Oates - FB Ads Strategist

11:30pm pacific/2:30pm eastern

Mary Ann Williams

"3 Systems You Must Have for a Successful Membership"

Mary Williams - Biz Systems Coach

12:30pm pacific/3:30pm eastern

Day 4 - Friday, September 24 (Implementation Day)

VIP Passholders Only!

Co-working Time

Host: Lisa Princic

(VIP Passholders Only)

9:00-10:30am pacific/12-1:30pm eastern

Ask Anything Marketing & Tech Panel

Session Hosts:  Sandra De Freitas, Mary Williams, Carolyn O'Brien, TaVona Boggs, Abby Herman

(VIP Passholders Only)

12pm pacific/3pm eastern