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Monday February 22

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Day 1 - Tuesday February 23


"How to Design Your Ideal Membership Program"

Lisa Princic - Membership Strategist + Summit Host

8am pacific/11am eastern

Speaker Bio

Lisa helps impact-driven business owners dive deep into their unique value and business models to build sustainable & profitable brands. She helps them simplify their offers, increase their visibility with bolder messaging, strengthen and deepen their marketing systems.

She is a trained business strategist and the host of the Scaling Deep Podcast.

Lisa is a results-oriented, deep thinker who has a knack for “seeing” the value of each business and turning that into a pipeline ideal clients.

A staunch believer in business simplicity and intention, Lisa helps her clients accomplish their goals by focusing on what to do AND what to ignore.

scalingdeep.com    IG:  @lisaprincic


"How to Price Your Membership to Reach Your Wealth Goals"

Jacquette M. Timmons - Wealth Behaviorist

9am pacific/12pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Jacquette M. Timmons focuses on the human side of money. She works as a financial behaviorist and is committed to getting you to see that you don't manage money - you manage your choices around money.

In addition to being an author ("Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate”) and frequent blogger, Jacquette is also the creator of The Comfort Circle™ - a dinner series, where she hosts discussions about money, business and life over food and wine - and “Pricing Made Human™.” 

When she's not providing behavioral-based financial coaching, she's traveling the country for speaking engagements on behalf of Fortune 100 companies, AM Law 200 firms, nationally known non-profits and conferences (large & boutique) to talk about the intersection of emotions and money. Her work has been featured on Minnesota Public Radio, SiriusXM, "Good Morning America," Oprah.com, CNN, HLN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, Reuters.com, and the Wall Street Journal.

Jacquette holds an MBA in finance from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and an undergrad in marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. A combination she credits, in part, for being able to blend her analytical mind and creative spirit in service to helping her clients shift how they look at money; how they perceive its role in their life; and how they give it direction. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and can be seen running in Prospect Park most days of the week.



Brandi Mowles

"Deciding the Role of Your Membership within Your Business Model"

Brandi Mowles - Online Marketing Expert

10am pacific/1pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Brandi Mowles, founder of Serve Scale Soar and the Beta to Biggie Accelerator, is a wife, mom, podcast host, and online marketing expert dedicated to helping more women experience the life-changing freedom that comes with not being stressed about money.

In two years, she’s built a 7-figure a year online education business that’s helped hundreds of service providers and course creators scale to 6 figures and beyond with simplicity. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

They live for taco Tuesdays, spontaneous vacations, Fridays spent together as a family, and weekends on the boat.



Elayne Fluker

"Finding Your Niche to Attract the Right Members to Your Brand"

Elayne Fluker - Personal Brand Consultant

11am pacific/2pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, Get Over "I Got It" (HarperCollins Leadership), where she encourages unapologetically ambitious women to learn how to embrace support not only for their success, but also their peace of mind. Elayne is also host of the Support is Sexy podcast featuring interviews with more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs around the world, and she is founder of SiS.Academy -- an online learning platform educating and empowering Black Women entrepreneurs.

Most recently Elayne was named a "Founder of Change" for SiS.Academy as part of the
American Express "100 for 100" program featuring 100 innovative Black women entrepreneurs.



Audra Lindsey, Senior Community Strategist - Mighty Networks

"Why Build a Community Now"

Audra Lindsey - Mighty Networks

12pm pacific/3pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Audra Lindsey is the Senior Community Strategist at Mighty Networks, where for 7+ years she has worked with brands big and small to launch vibrant, deeply engaged communities. In addition to co-teaching the Community Design Masterclass—Mighty’s flagship course that offers entrepreneurs and creators the framework for how to create a thriving community so valuable you can charge for it and so well-designed it essentially runs itself—she has led content strategy, provided direct support and guidance for thousands of customers, and helped deliver key product improvements and features at Mighty Networks.

Her background is in digital marketing and arts education, and she is passionate about working with startups and nonprofits to bring their messaging and programming to a wider audience. In her spare time, she helps organize Ignite Talks in San Francisco and enjoys dabbling in film photography.


Intentional Networking Social

Session Host: Lisa Princic

1:30pm pacific/4:30pm eastern

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Day 2 - Wednesday February 24

Sharvette Mitchell

"Six Keys to Generating Visibility for your Membership Programs"

Sharvette Mitchell - Online Platform Builder

9am pacific/12pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Sharvette Mitchell works with entrepreneurs to help them build their online platform so that they generate more revenue with an amazing personal brand. She does this in a couple of ways by focusing on visibility and marketing with one on one consulting, group coaching programs, web design & branding services, social media coaching, and conferences. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. For over 12 years she has hosted a weekly internet talk radio show  - The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show.

Sharvette has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network, and featured in publications such as Huffington Post.  She is the visionary author of the book collaboration, PROPEL - The Essential Handbook for Emerging Women in Business & Leadership and the book collaboration, POUR, The Secret Effects of Serving and Giving in Business & Leadership.

Find out more at SharvetteMitchell.com.


Lee headshot - on stairs (1)

"Onboarding: Focusing on the “One” within the One to Many Model"

Lee Chaix McDonough - Certified Coach Trainer

10am pacific/1pm eastern

Speaker Bio

After over a decade as a clinical social worker and public health professional, Lee entered the coaching field to serve helpers, creatives, and intuitive entrepreneurs. Her coaching philosophy fuses the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Energy Leadership, and mindfulness in order to help her clients excel at entrepreneurship and transform their lives. 

Lee the Founder and CEO of Coach with Clarity, a training and education company for life and business coaches. She is the host of the Coach with Clarity podcast and author of the #1 Amazon book, ACT On Your Business: Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and her pug Phineas.



Ashley Monk

"How to Launch and Scale a Profitable Membership"

Ashley Monk - Marketing & Facebook Ads Strategist

11am pacific/2pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Ashley Monk is a Marketing Strategy Coach, Agency Owner, Course Creator, and host of the Influential Entrepreneur Podcast. She “accidentally” started her agency as a corporate side hustle when she leveraged the value of Facebook Ads to generate more leads to lease office space. Today, her company It Media helps coaches and course creators launch their programs in addition to helping generate leads for service based business owners with paid Facebook & Instagram Ads.

As a business owner, wife, and mom to be, Ashley’s mission is centered around helping entrepreneurs build a business that revolves around their life - not a life that revolves around their business.



Andrea jones onlinedrea social media manager

"The Money Making Framework for Using Social Media to Grow your Membership"

Andréa Jones - Social Media Strategist

12pm pacific/3pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Andréa Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable communities online through simple social media solutions. Named one of Social Report's top marketers to follow in 2019, her passion for what she does shines through with her private clients and students of the Savvy Social School as well as on her podcast, the Savvy Social Podcast.



Sara Alepin

"How to Curate Community to Build Your Business with Ease"

Sara Alepin - Master Connecter

1pm pacific/4pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Sara is a master connector. She’s so good at it, she turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss community. 

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, she’s found ways to leverage connections and continue to expand her multiple businesses, even during the pandemic.

In addition to being the CEO of both District Bliss and Photos from the Harty, Sara is also a podcaster x2 as the host of The Wedding Dish and co-host of Laughing with Gingers.

Website:  www.districtbliss.com

Instagram:  @districtblissevents

Authentic Networking Social

Session Host: Sara Alepin

2pm pacific/5pm eastern

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Day 3 - Thursday February 25

Nikki Rausch

"Mastering the Sales Conversation for Memberships"

Nikki Rausch - Sales Maven

9am pacific/12pm eastern

Speaker Bio

CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. 

With 25+ years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, Nikki shattered sales records in many industries, receiving multiple “top producer” awards along the way.

Today, entrepreneurs and small business owners from a wide range of disciplines hire Nikki to show them how to sell successfully and authentically, without being pushy or salesy.

An engaging and sought-after speaker, she shares the secrets of her sales success through illuminating keynote addresses and business-changing workshops. Her robust Sales Maven Society ignites game-changing outcomes for clients. 

Nikki’s three popular books are available at Amazon. And her podcast, Sales Maven, can be found on your favorite podcast platform.




"Developing a Growth Mindset for Building a Scalable Model"

Allie Bjerk - Visibility Strategist

10am pacific/1pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Allie Bjerk is a visibility strategist, coach and consultant. Allie has helped hundreds of business owners create the visibility strategies and marketing plans behind growing super-profitable businesses for balanced and prosperous lives. Allie has taken her marketing agency experience and used it to lead entrepreneurs towards their goals through her transformational programs.

Allie’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to show up authentically, owning their expertise and not shrinking down from their big dreams. Her focus on inner-work, confidence, consistency, captivation and clarity has set her work apart from other marketers and strategists, who focus on tactics and algorithms over the relationships.

Allie spent 4 years working for corporate web development and Internet marketing agencies before launching her business. She managed the SEO and Social Media departments, teaching marketing and training new agency employees. Allie left her corporate career after the birth of her first baby and a battle with debilitating postpartum anxiety that served as the catalyst for her to transform her life and never look back. She now lives an adventure and travel-filled life based in Northern Minnesota with her husband and three young children.



Hannah Shamji

"Keeping Members Happy: A Calibrated Approach to Member Retention"

Hannah Shamji - Customer Researcher & Counsellor

11am pacific/2pm eastern

Speaker Bio

If you know Hannah, you’ll know she asks a lot of questions. Always has. So it’s pretty fitting she specializes in exactly that as a Customer Researcher and Counsellor (with a BA from Cornell and an MPH from Brown). She helps quant-focused brands understand the decision-making human behind the customer and collect insights that drive growth.




"The Anatomy of a Successful Membership Sales Page"

Mel Richards - Brand Strategist & Web Designer

12pm pacific/3pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Melanie Richards is a brand strategist and designer with over two decades of experience. She runs Modern Traction, a web agency that helps visionary coaches, consultants, and thought leaders transform their (often embarrassing) brand and online presence into a standout website that reflects anc communicates their unique value and generates more qualified leads.

Her past work has been recognized by Applied Arts Magazine, D&AD Awards, and Boomerang Awards for interface and interactive design. With her experience in brand positioning, conversion copywriting and design, and the tech that drives it all, Mel is on a mission to create smart marketing solutions that help entrepreneurs to increase their sales and multiply their impact.



Jordan Gill

"3 Overlooked (But Valuable) Systems You Must Have for a Successful Membership"

Jordan Gill - Operations Consultant

1pm pacific/4pm eastern

Speaker Bio

Jordan Gill, operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files, and inbox. She’s been on podcasts like What Works and CEO Vibes sharing her love of replacing monthly retainers with one-day virtual intensives.

She currently lives in Dallas TX with her cavapoo Vivienne and collection of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.



Day 4 - Friday February 26 (Implemenation Day)

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Design Your Ideal Membership Workshop

Workshop Host: Lisa Princic

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9-11am pacific/12-2pm eastern

Ask Anything Marketing Panel

Session Hosts: Ashley Monk, Mel Richards & Lisa Princic

(VIP Passholders Only)

12pm pacific/3pm eastern